About Us

7 years ago, my partner decided to start blogging. The goal was to share her hobby with the world. Cooking and baking delicious recipes.

We had no intention of turning it into a business.

Today, the blog has grown into a website getting more than one million page views per month. It generates enough revenue that I was able to quit my 6-figure IT job and join her.

We’ve even started a secondary blow that in less than a year is already generating a comfortable revenue.

My passion has always been the tech. All these things that make systems and software work. Joining our two passions allowed us to get to grow the blog even more.

We have learned a huge amount of things over the years. I wanted to share all the lessons we learned because anyone can turn their hobby into a business.

This blog is about giving back, sharing our experience so that more people can do just what we did!

Why is it called Hobbysness.io?

I truly believe that in order to be successful at anything, you must have a passion for it. It needs to be your hobby before it becomes your business.

Hobbysness is the contraction of Hobby and Business. Because you can do both at the same time.

Be successful and be happy.

Turn your hobby into a business.

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